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What Not to Drink When Pregnant: 9 Beverages to Think About At your first prenatal visit, there’s no doubt that the best pregnancy diet was a topic brought up by your physician. It’s easy to forget that beverages can also contain toxins that could be harmful to your developing baby, too. That makes knowing what not to drink when pregnant equally as important as understanding what foods to avoid during pregnancy. What drinks are safe
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Pregnancy Food Safety: 3 Things You Need to Know About Food Prep & Storage Pregnancy food safety goes beyond just the food you consume while you are pregnant. How you prepare food and store food also plays a role in safety during pregnancy. Pregnant women are more likely to contract food poisoning. In fact, pregnant women are ten times more likely to contract Listeriosis, caused by a bacteria known as Listeria. Listeria can lead to
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Best Pregnancy Diet: 3 Tips to Make it Easy My patients often ask me: “What should I eat during pregnancy?” The best pregnancy diet is easier to achieve than most realize. Rather than counting calories and following strict meal plans, all it takes to have a healthy pregnancy diet is an understanding of what nutrients you need for optimal fetal development. Today I’m sharing what those nutrients are, how much to consume and where to
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10 Surprisingly Harmful Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy Many moms-to-be know that there are certain foods to avoid during pregnancy, even some that are common in the average household. What is it about these foods that makes them dangerous to eat during pregnancy? Should these foods be avoided at all costs? How much is okay to consume? Today we’re answering these questions and sharing our comprehensive list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. By Dr.
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Hello from Mommy Menu. The moment you intended to get pregnant, or perhaps the moment you found out you were, it most likely occurred to you that your diet may need some tweaking. It’s common knowledge, after all, that some everyday foods can be harmful to a developing baby. But did you know that the harmful substances found in those everyday foods can also be the cause of your discomfort during that glorious first trimester?