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The moment you intended to get pregnant, or perhaps the moment you found out you were, it most likely occurred to you that your diet may need some tweaking. It’s common knowledge, after all, that some everyday foods can be harmful to a developing baby. But did you know that the harmful substances found in those everyday foods can also be the cause of your discomfort during that glorious first trimester?

It’s true — morning sickness, or pregnancy sickness, is the body’s biological response to the detection of hazardous substances that could affect the development of the embryo/fetus. Your body detects something that could hurt your baby and… removes it, to put it mildly. These hazardous agents are called teratogens.

Teratogen (teˈradəjən) – Any environmental agent that is harmful to the development of an embryo or fetus.

The Mommy Menu Team

Is There a Way Around Morning Sickness?

With a solid understanding of how teratogens affect pregnancy and where to find them, our aim is to both help women avoid teratogens and by doing so, reduce morning sickness. It’s our mission at Mommy Menu Health and Wellness (LLC) to educate parents about teratogens while developing tools and strategies to help pregnant women put the knowledge to use in protecting their babies. 

Few people have the time or research background to have an understanding of the long list of foods to avoid. That’s where we can help. We use data from scientific literature to accomplish several desirable outcomes:

  1. Help reduce exposure of harmful agents (teratogens) to the baby
  2. Reduce nausea and vomiting of moms everywhere
  3. Educate parents on best practices during pregnancy and lactation
  4. Seek out evidence and research additional sources of teratogens so that their effect on pregnancy can be more fully understood


Find Out Exactly What Foods Trigger Morning Sickness

While Mommy Menu serves our clients with an interactive website, educational tools, summarized research, charts and tables, our newest product is a mobile app that is currently under development. This new app will help women navigate and avoid toxins and teratogens in real time. The app is being designed to accept feedback on how diet and other activities (sleep, stress, exercise) are affecting the pregnancy.

NOTE: Mommy Menu app will soon be available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

We at Mommy Menu take the position that there is an important need for change in how educated people view a healthy pregnancy. Current practices do not reflect the most cutting-edge knowledge on the topic of teratogens and morning sickness. We believe we can help pregnant and breastfeeding women of the world by creating a culture that is safer and healthier for babies and mothers.

We can more effectively serve our next generation by shifting the culture toward informed parenthood. We at Mommy Menu are driven to create that cultural shift… and you can help.

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