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Hello from Mommy Menu. The moment you intended to get pregnant, or perhaps the moment you found out you were, it most likely occurred to you that your diet may need some tweaking. It’s common knowledge, after all, that some everyday foods can be harmful to a developing baby. But did you know that the harmful substances found in those everyday foods can also be the cause of your discomfort during that glorious first trimester?
first trimester
10 Essential First Trimester Tips for the First Time Mom Congratulations! If you are reading this, you or someone you love has recently learned they are pregnant. Welcoming a new baby into your world is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is sure to take you for a ride like none you’ve ever known before. Even though their presence won’t be noticeable for quite some time, a baby grows the most in the first trimester. For this
sugar during pregnancy
The Scary Truth About Sugar Intake During Pregnancy You’ve never experienced a craving for sweets quite like the ones you experience during pregnancy, are we right? The dessert desire can feel nearly irresistible at the end of a long day (or maybe even in the middle).  It’s common knowledge that too much sugar in one’s diet is unhealthy, so it probably came as no surprise when your doctor recommended that you limit your sugar intake
pain medication
Pain Medication While Pregnant: Everything You Need to Know Along with the many joys of pregnancy comes a plethora of aches and pains like none you’ve ever experienced before. Your body is creating a new normal as it adapts to accommodate another whole person within. Even before the baby has reached an impressionable weight, it is natural to feel subtle pains such as headaches, back pain, pelvic pain and soreness of the breasts early on
exercise during pregnancy
Is it Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy? First off we’d like to say: good for you. By clicking on this article, we know you’re considering your ability to exercise during pregnancy. That tells us you are taking a vested interest in your health and that of your unborn child. It’s not always easy to think about exercise when you’re up against morning sickness and the exhaustion of pregnancy. Whether you’re hoping to exercise during pregnancy
Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know Morning sickness raises lots of questions among new moms. When does morning sickness start? How long does it last? What causes nausea in pregnancy? Today we are answering all your morning sickness FAQs and more, including: What’s normal, What causes morning sickness, and… What helps pregnancy nausea. Morning sickness is very common, affecting 50-80% of all pregnant women. Armed with a bit of information about this